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Believe in Someone Again !

Dr Noodles, over the years, brings in a few personnel, I have trained on board.  This helps spread the Dr. Noodles approach, and help clients in other areas too. This cycle, I bring aboard Michael Corkins, of the Hamburg,NY area. He now knows the basics in identifying issues, and how to resolve them efficiently, and far less in client cost. He is no longer a Novice in my view, and in my opinion he has acquired the rank of Intermediate. So he is well on his way of knowing what I know in the Computer field. So Welcome to the Team Mike ! 


What does your computer do for you? Other than Games, Emails, and Entertainment. Even through those catagories, your computer is bound to either be infected or slowing down visibly. That is where I come in. I will diagnose the problems, have a prescription set to repair your system. I work on just about everything, from Windows 3.1 to Windows 8, and everything else that comes about in the future. I do it right the first time, as it should be. I do not run an obstacle course with my clients, as people are confused enough with technology. I teach you about your computer rather than just hand it off. Why? Because, how else are we to learn what got you to your dilemma in the first place? Why must things cost a fortune to repair in the Computer Field? Well lets say, I am not expensive, I make it easy for everyone to afford repairs with Dr. Noodles.


So where am I?   I am here in South Buffalo, NY. If you wish to ask some questions, or need some help with a computer situation, or would like to make an appointment, for services, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. or [email protected] From there, we get to understand the problem a bit more, and have your computer up and going soon.


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Dr. Noodles CheckPoint Technicians

Tina ( NOODLES Check Point )

Up to Specs with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.2, and some on Windows 10. She Understands Minor Programming, Antivirus Analysis, and Memory Issues Perfectly. Any otehr issues, give her some Patience to reseach and overcome that new obstacle. 
She Has about 6 years Experience

Her Email is: [email protected]
In order to ask he for help on your PC.